HOPE Care Packs

Our HOPE Care Packs ensure you are well prepared for your treatment. We have developed a range of treatment specific packs, to cover the most common side effects. These packs are also a useful guide for products that might be useful with specific treatments. Please email us if you would like minor alterations to a pack.

By adding The HOPE Gifting Pack to any order, you can turn any selection of your choice of products into a beautiful gift pack for your recipient. 

HOPE Recommendations

The HOPE Essentials Chemo Care Pack  is a great start for anyone embarking on their chemotherapy journey. This pack covers basic mouth care, skincare, nail care and hydration with a few treats. 

The HOPE Chemo Care Pack is great for anyone starting their chemotherapy journey. This pack covers mouth care, skincare, sunscreen, nail care and hydration with a few treats. 

The HOPE Deluxe Chemo Care Pack as the name suggests, is the same but much better, with lots more goodies!

The HOPE Targeted Therapy Care Pack contains a collection of essential skin products that can help to minimise some of the severe rashes experienced with some of these treatments. This rash often appears acne-like, however it should not be treated with traditional drying acne products.

We also have The HOPE Immunotherapy Care Pack. This pack focuses on the skin which is commonly effected during treatment with immunotherapy agents.

The HOPE Radiotherapy Care Pack is a great start for anyone embarking on their radiotherapy journey. This pack covers the common side effects with a silicone gel dressing to protect the skin, regular and intense skin care, some cooling products to relieve the heat and refresh the skin and a few treats to brighten anyone's day.

The HOPE Women's Bits Care Pack provides all the products needed to help down there.

The HOPE Scar Care Pack contains our duo of ScarSil® Silicone Scar Gel and Scar Esthetique® Scar Creme which we recommend you combine with a suitable shaped Scar Fx® Product.