The HOPE Deluxe Hand & Foot Care Pack

The HOPE Deluxe Hand & Foot Care Pack

$114.95 AUD

The HOPE Deluxe Hand & Foot Care Pack

Many chemotherapy regimens can cause 'hand foot syndrome' which can result in severe soreness, redness and peeling of the hands and feet. This can also lead to small cracks and fissures around the fingertips and nail edges which can be very painful. Good skin care and protection on the hands and feet can help to minimise these effects, as well as reduce the risk of infection and pain around the cuticle area.


    The products included in this pack are:

    • StrataMed® - Gel 5g - This gel can be used as a wound dressing for small cracks of fissures in the fingers or around the nails. This gel dries to provide protection and aid healing. It can also be used on skin rashes and extremely dry skin. 
    • Restorate REVIVE 30% Urea Intensive Foot Balm – Keep your feet well moisturised and free from cracks with this Podiatrist designed cool, non-greasy foot balm. With 30% urea this heavy duty, intense foot moisturiser has been formulated to relieve even the most dry, cracked and callused feet.

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