Colon Cancer Care Package

Treatment for Colorectal Cancer, otherwise known as colon or bowel cancer, often involves Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapies which can be accompanied by a huge number of side effects. Our Colon Cancer Care Packages and product recommendations have been curated specifically to manage the side effects that are commonly experienced during treatment.

Please note, this information provided is general advice and we always recommend speaking to your health professional about your individual situation.



For those beginning their chemotherapy journey, we would recommend our   which offers three different levels of gift baskets that cover the most common side effects experienced during treatment. This includes mouth ulcers, dry/sensitive skin, nail weakness, reflux/heartburn and dehydration. All these products can also be purchased individually if you wanted to see how you go or if you’re after something in particular. Check out our Chemotherapy Care Package range below.

The HOPE Essentials Chemo Care Pack 

The HOPE Chemo Care Pack

The HOPE Deluxe Chemo Care Pack


Chemotherapy Side Effects

Some of the main areas our chemotherapy gift packs focus on include:

  • Regular Mouth Care¬†‚Äď You can use the salt water as a mouth rinse after you eat (so 3-4 times a day), but if you start getting ulcers you may want to step it up to something like the¬†Oral 7¬ģ Mouthwash¬†or¬†Denta-Med‚ĄĘ.¬†We would also recommend using a soft toothbrush (we have the¬†Curasept¬†Surgical Toothbrush) and a gentle toothpaste like the¬†Oral 7¬ģ Moisturising Toothpaste. More information is in our¬†Mouth Care¬†collection.
  • Skin Care¬†‚Äď You should avoid fragranced products with lots of additives. We recommend¬†Daisy Cow Range¬†or¬†Av√®ne Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil¬†and¬†Cream. Also make sure you use a sensitive sunscreen outside as this chemotherapy greatly increases your risk of sunburn. We like the¬†‚ÄėMOTHER SPF‚Äô¬†range.¬†More information is in our¬†Skin¬†Care¬†collection.

  • Hand &¬†Feet Care¬†‚Äď The most common chemotherapy agents used in colorectal cancer can cause what is called 'hand foot syndrome'. This is when the skin on our hands and soles of our feet can become very dry, peeling and even raw. It is really important to keep on top of this, not only to maintain quality of life but also to prevent treatment delays while your hands and feet repair. This is obviously worsened at the moment with all the craziness going on in the world and the need to wash or sanitise our hands very often. We¬†like the¬†Avene Cicalfate Hand Cream¬†and¬†Restorate Foot Balm¬†(which is also available in spray if your feet are feeling very tender and you don't want to have to rub in a cream). Products like the¬†StrataCTX¬ģ¬†- Gel 20g¬†can be used as a wound dressing for small cracks or fissures in the fingers¬†or around the¬†nails and is a gel that dries to provide protection and aid healing.¬†It can also be used on skin rashes and¬†extremely¬†dry skin.¬†¬†More information is available in our¬†Hand & Nail¬†Care¬†collection.

  • Neuropathy -¬†Many anti-cancer therapies can cause peripheral neuropathy, where your toes and feet in particular can become numb with tingling, pins and needles, pain and heaviness. This is quite difficult to treat as it is the nerve endings that are being damaged by the treatment. We offer¬†Zo-Rub HP, which¬†is a¬†topical analgesic cream, indicated for relief of peripheral neuropathy. It contains Capsaicin, a natural¬†product¬†which is believed to reduce Substance P - the chemical that transmit pain signals to the brain. These should not be used on open wound areas or irritated skin.

  • Joint Pain ‚ÄstFor osteoarthritis or joint pain relief, we would recommend¬†Zo-Rub OA¬†or if you require something stronger we also have¬†Zo-Rub HP.

Just in case:

  • Reflux ‚ÄstThis can happen quite often and can interrupt a good night‚Äôs sleep by occurring in the middle of the night so it may be handy to have some antacid on hand. In our care packages, we offer¬†Gaviscon¬ģ Dual Action Tablets¬†which we find works really effectively.

  • Hydration ‚ÄstStaying hydrated is very important as we can become quite dehydrated if we experience a lot of diarrhoea or vomiting and are also struggling to drink enough fluids throughout the day. If so, it may be worth having some¬†Gastrolyte¬†each day to help¬†maintain good hydration and electrolyte balance.


Targeted Therapy

Many Targeted Therapies can cause very dry, irritated and acne-like rashes all over the body, and painful cracks around the fingertips and nails. It is very important to keep the skin well moisturised, and to definitely not use anything like traditional drying acne treatments.

Our recommendations for managing these side effects are most easily summarised by looking at the products included in our HOPE Targeted Therapy Care Pack which includes nourishing products such as:

  • Av√®ne Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil 400mL¬†- Keep this in the shower to use every day.¬†This is specially formulated for very dry, itchy skin.

  • Av√®ne Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream 400mL¬†- Use this every day after showering. This is specially formulated for very dry, itchy skin but does not leave that really greasy feeling afterwards.

  • Cicalfate Hand Repairing Barrier Cream¬†100mL¬†- This quickly repairs, soothes and protects very dry and irritated hands. As a barrier cream, it also helps protects hands requiring very regular washing.

  • Coco-Scalp¬ģ¬†40g¬†- This is specially formulated for the treatment of dry, cracked and scaly skin conditions.¬†Coco-Scalp¬ģ¬†works¬†to soften and help hold moisture¬†in the skin, even after only a few applications.¬†*This product is currently out of stock with the manufacturer. We will send this product once it is back in stock.*

  • Dermeze Treatment Ointment 100g Tube¬†- This is also recommended to help treat very dry skin.

  • Daisy Cow¬†Lips 10g¬†- As the name suggests, this keeps your lips from drying out.

  • StrataCTX¬ģ¬†- Gel 20g¬†-¬†This gel¬†can be used as a wound dressing for small cracks or fissures in the fingers¬†or around the¬†nails. This gel dries to provide protection and aid healing.¬†It can also be used on skin rashes and¬†extremely¬†dry skin.

  • Mother SPF¬†-¬†Always be¬†sun safe with this natural barrier sunscreen, you are at much higher risk of sunburn!

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