Feminine Hygiene & Sexual Health

Obviously, this is a tricky subject to talk about sometimes, but problems such as vaginal dryness are extremely common, and often greatly effect quality of life and relationships.  We have a few great products to help with hygiene, moisturising and lubrication that are all natural, paraben-free and most importantly, work very well. 

HOPE Recommendations

For regular internal moisturising, we have a brand new product, Vagisil® ProHydrate® Plus (gel with applicators) which contains unique blend of moisturises including Hyaluronic Acid that mimics a woman's own natural moisture. Aci-Jel® Restore is another option which provides long lasting moisture to help reduce dryness, itching and discomfort. We also love the beautiful Australian made Olive & Bee Intimate Cream, made from natural ingredients and can provide moisture or lubrication anywhere on the body.

For personal lubrication, the pjur®med Glide products have a wide range including water or silicon based, vegan and repair (which contains the natural skin re-generator Sodium Hyaluronate), with minimal 'extra' ingredients, such as preservatives.

pjur®med CLEAN personal cleaning spray lotion is for gentle, hygienic cleaning of the skin and the intimate area, without alcohol.

Following radiotherapy to the pelvic region, women can suffer from vaginal inflammation, as well as the build up of scar tissue in that area, as the body heals from the treatment. Stenosis, or narrowing and shortening, of the vagina can occur.

These changes can make sexual intercourse and medical examinations very difficult, painful and even impossible. Both Glass and Silicon Dilators have been recommended as a way to manage these changes.We also have the Elvie Trainer, an award-winning Kegel trainer for a stronger pelvic floor.

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 If you need advice, please email us or speak to your treating medical team.