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We aim to provide advice and a range of carefully selected, quality, over-the-counter products to help manage the side effects of various cancers and their treatments

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We are two sisters: Joanna, a Rural Community Pharmacist and Naomi, a Hospital Pharmacist, specialising in Oncology. When Naomi was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2015 we both realised just how difficult it was to find or choose over-the-counter products that really helped the side effects of various cancers and their treatments; including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

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Specialised Gift Packs

The perfect gift for a loved one undergoing cancer treatment

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HOPE Gift Packs
Our HOPE Gift Packs are a great idea to send to a loved one in their time of need.
HOPE Care Packs
Our HOPE Care Packs ensure you are well prepared for commencing your treatment.

Covid-19.... A message from the HOPE team

We’re sure you’re all well aware of this Global Pandemic, and maybe sick of hearing about it. If you would like any general information, we recommend sticking to reputable, reliable sources such as the Department of Health or the World Health Organisation 

If you are in the higher risk group (which many of us are!) because of active cancer treatment and other risk factors, we highly recommend adhering to guidelines of self isolation and social distancing. It’s also important to let friends and family know that you are in a higher risk group and to respect the current hygiene and isolation recommendations.  

We would also recommend discussing your current treatment situation with your oncologist or health care team to make a plan to minimise your risk as much as possible.  

We’re still business as usual, so give us a call or email if we can help at all and we’re getting orders out as quick as we can! We’re also continuing updates on Facebook and Instagram.  

Good luck everyone, look after each other, be kind and respectful of others and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more hand sanitiser!  

Naomi, Jo & Sharon xxx 

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