Eye Care

There is a whole host of eye problems that people experienceĀ that may be a side effect of anti-cancer medications or even a side effect of medication to treat other side effects! These can include dry, sore, itchy, runny eyes, infections and even cataracts. If youā€™re having trouble with eye pain, discharge or vision problems, it is best to speak to your Doctor and get checked out.Ā 

HOPEĀ Recommendations

For general dry eye, lubricating drops such as HYLOĀ®-FRESH during the day are a good start. These contain sodium hyaluronate which holds moisture for effective, long-lasting lubrication. If this isnā€™t enough, HYLO-FORTEĀ® is a bit stronger and in combination with VitA-POSĀ® ointment at night works well.Ā 

For something to have in your bag for occasional use or travel,Ā OptifreshĀ® Tears Lubricating Eye DropsĀ are very handy, coming in individual preservative-free sterile re-closable vials.

If your eyes are constantly watering but still feel dry, or you're using water-based eye drops numerous times a day and not finding relief,Ā you may have whatā€™s called evaporative dry eye. This is where some of the glands which produce the protective lipid layer of the tear film are blocked or lacking. NOVATEARSĀ®Ā is a lipid based eyedrop that alleviates evaporative dry eye. It is often used in combination with aĀ water basedĀ drop, just wait around 15 minutes in between different products.

Often with dry, itchy or watery eyes, the skin around the eye area can also become very fragile. For this we recommend something like PURE Papaya Ointment.

If you need advice, please email us or speak to your treating medical team.