Help Us To Help You!

Hope Cancer Care Products started as an idea that with our expertise, connections and experience in dealing with my own side effects of treatment, maybe we could help more people with cancer through their tricky time. We know it can be very difficult to navigate your own way through side effect management, knowing what is safe and effective.

We have quickly realised that the more research we do and the more oncology and associated specialists we speak to, the more great products we come across, and so we continue to grow. We have interviewed a range of Medical Oncologists (special thanks to my husband Tom!), Radiation Oncologists, Gynaecologists, Nurse Practitioners and other Oncology Pharmacists to collate the quality products and recommendations on this website. 

All the advice and recommendations on this website are general in nature. Please email us if you would like more specific advice on our products, however you should always speak to your treating oncology team about any treatments and side effects you may be experiencing.        

If you have any product recommendations for us or if you are a medical specialist and have any product or advice recommendations, we would love to hear from you. Please note we only keep over-the-counter, non-scheduled products.

Thank you for your support!