Non-Prescription Pain Relief

There are many different types of pain, and causes of pain, when it comes to cancer. It is very important to speak to your treating medical team about the pain that you may be experiencing, whether there is a solution to the problem or a treatment that will alleviate it. As we only provide over the counter treatments through this online store, these are really just a few extra things that might just help ease the pain and help you get better quality rest.

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HOPE Recommendations

It is important to know what medications you are allowed to take with your treatment, as often just paracetamol or an anti-inflammatory (or both) can help to alleviate general aching or flu-like symptoms after chemotherapy, immunotherapy, bone strengthening agents (like denosumab or zoledronic acid) or white cell boosters (like filgrastim). We also have a great range of IMA Heat Packs in all shapes and sizes to fit the area that aches. 

Many anti-cancer therapies can cause peripheral neuropathy, where particularly your toes and feet can become numb with tingling, pins and needles, pain and heaviness. This is quite difficult to treat as it is the nerve endings that are being damaged by the treatment. We offer Zo-Rub HP , which is a topical analgesic cream, indicated for relief of peripheral neuropathy. It contains Capsaicin, a natural product which is believed to reduce Substance P - the chemical that transmit pain signals to the brain. These should not be used on open wound areas or irritated skin. 

We also have Zo-Rub OA (lower strength to Zo-Rub HP) which is indicated for relief of osteoarthritis or joint pain.

Magnesium maintains normal muscle contraction and relaxation. It can be used for the relief of muscle cramps or spams associated with magnesium deficiency. We have magnesium supplements available in tablet form  as well as a topical oil or gel.

If you need advice, please email us or speak to your treating medical team.