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As part of our HOPE Cancer Care Package collection, our Chemo Care Package is the perfect care package for someone going through chemo and has been especially developed to help manage the common side effects that are experienced during cancer treatment. Because we’re owned and managed by pharmacists, our chemo care packages are curated based on evidence and with specific side effect management in mind and covers skin care, mouth care, hand and nail care, digestive health and menopausal symptoms, to name a few.

Please note, the information provided is general advice and we always recommend speaking to your health professional about your individual situation.

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Chemo Care Pack Collection 

IIf you or a loved one is starting a chemotherapy regimen, then our chemo care pack collection might be the perfect pick me up to brighten someone’s day. Please note each of these packs can be purchased as a care pack (with just the products), or a gift pack which includes a candle and some delicious maple pecans and gift wrapping.

Our Chemo Care Package range includes three different levels of chemotherapy care kits that covers the common side effects you may experience during treatment, such as mouth ulcers, dry/sensitive skin, nail weakness, reflux/heartburn and dehydration. Products in our chemotherapy care packages can also be purchased individually, which is perfect for those who are after something in particular. Each pack includes a great range of essentials, making our chemo care packages ideal for both men and women. Check out our Chemotherapy Care Package range below.

The HOPE Essentials Chemo Care Pack¬†‚Äď This essentials care package for chemo treatment is designed to help manage the most common side effects you may experience during treatment and covers basic mouth care, skincare, nail care and hydration with a few treats.¬†

The HOPE Chemo Care Pack¬†‚Äď A great chemo care package for him or her which includes the essentials, plus more goodies covering mouth care, skincare, sunscreen, nail care and hydration with a few treats.

The¬†HOPE Deluxe Chemo Care Pack¬†‚Äď The best care package for chemo patients undergoing treatments as it contains everything in the previous two care kits but with lots more goodies!


Chemotherapy Side Effects 

Our chemotherapy care packages are developed with everyone in mind, making them ideal care packages for both male chemo patients as well as women. Some of the main areas these chemotherapy gift boxes help to manage are:

  • Oral¬†Mouth Care¬†‚Äď Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can play havoc on your mouth so good habits such as using a saltwater rinse after you eat can help maintain good oral hygiene. If you start to get ulcers, we would recommend using an alcohol-free mouthwash like¬†Oral 7¬ģ Mouthwash¬†or products from the¬†Denta-Med‚ĄĘ¬†range.¬†We would also recommend using a soft toothbrush like the¬†Curasept Specialist¬†Surgical Toothbrush¬†accompanied with a gentle toothpaste (we recommend¬†Oral 7¬ģ Moisturising Toothpaste). For more information, check out our¬†Mouth Care¬†collection.

  • Skin Care¬†‚Äď Due to the nature of chemotherapy, your skin can become sensitive so it is best to avoid fragranced products with lots of additives as this can aggravate the skin. We recommend using the¬†Daisy Cow¬†Range¬†or¬†Av√®ne Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil¬†and¬†Cream¬†which is safe to use and nourishes the skin. It is also very important to always use a sensitive sunscreen when outside. At HOPE, we like the MOTHER SPF range.¬†More information is available in our¬†Skin¬†Care¬†collection.

  • Nail Care¬†‚Äď You may find nail growth is upset when undergoing chemotherapy so, depending on your existing nail health, you could start using a nail strengthener like the one from the¬†OPI Nail Range.¬†We also recommend using a nail strengthener regularly in conjunction with a¬†good hand cream. With everything going on in the world right now, this is especially important as the need to regularly wash and sanitise our hands very often, can result in really dry hands, leading to cracking. For this, we¬†like the¬†Avene Cicalfate Hand Cream.¬†More information is available in our¬†Hand & Nail¬†Care¬†collection.

  • Constipation¬†‚Äď Some anti-nausea medications can really slow things down and can become a real problem in the few days after chemo. We recommend taking something like¬†Lax-Sachets¬†for the first 2-5 days to keep it under control if you feel constipation may become an issue during your round of treatment. We would also recommend dietary things like eating dried fruit and plenty of water which can also help with constipation.¬†For more information, check out our¬†Digestive Health¬†collection.

Just in case: 

  • Reflux¬†‚Äď While this may not happen all the time, it can be quite common (and sometimes in the middle of the night!) which is why it is handy to have some antacid on hand. We offer¬†Gaviscon¬ģ Dual Action Tablets¬†which works really effectively to relieve the symptoms of both heartburn and indigestion.

  • Hydration¬†‚Äď This is particularly important, especially¬†if you struggle drinking enough fluids or you get a lot of diarrhoea or vomiting which can be quite dehydrating. It may be worth having some¬†Gastrolyte¬†or¬†Hydralyte¬†each day to help¬†maintain good hydration and electrolyte balance.


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