Hand & Nail Care

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23 products

23 products

Many people find that their nails become weaker and more brittle, discoloured and may peel off, even fall off during treatments such as chemotherapy. Good nail care can help to minimise these effects, as well as reduce the risk of infection and pain around the cuticle area.

HOPEĀ Recommendations

The OPI Nail Envy range of nail strengthenersĀ can be used as a goodĀ preventative measure from the second you start chemotherapy.

If you have weakened or damaged nails, either from trauma, treatment or fungal infection, RESTORANAILā„¢Ā can help to treat these problems.

Cicalfate Hand Repairing Barrier Cream quickly repairs, soothes and protects very dry and irritated hands. As a barrier cream, it also helps protect hands requiring very regular washing.Ā PURE Papaya Skin Food 25gĀ can also be used to nourish the hands, or aĀ hand cream such as theĀ DermaVeenĀ® Extra Gentle Revive Hand Cream 100gĀ is great for your skin, nails and cuticles.Ā 

Some treatments can cause inflammation and infection around the nails which may require antibiotics. A topical antiseptic such asĀ BetadineĀ® Antiseptic Ointment can be used to help prevent bacterial infection.Ā StrataCTXĀ® - GelĀ can be used as a wound dressing for small cracks of fissures in the fingers and nails. This gel dries to provide protection and aid healing.

Everybody needs hand sanitiser, especially when your immune system is under attack. Hand hygiene is one of the most important things to prevent the spread of infection.Ā SqueakieĀ is a pocket rocket...it does the job AND makes your hands feel nice and soft without leaving a residue.

If you need advice, please email us or speak to your treating medical team.