Skin Care

Skin conditions are so common....dryness, itching, rashes, redness, the list goes on and on. Pretty much all treatments for cancer can affect the skin in a variety of ways, so it is best to be on top of it as soon as possible. As with all our products, we look for things that work and that are as simple as possible, preferably without preservatives, fragrances and soaps. 

HOPE Recommendations

For everyday maintenance of skincare, the¬†Daisy Cow¬ģ¬†¬†range¬†is¬†specially formulated¬†for dry sensitive skin.¬†

Where intense moisture is needed, our Av√®ne Xeracalm A.D. Range has no preservatives, is fragrance free and provides¬† relief for dry to very dry sensitive skin prone to atopic dermatitis, eczema and itching (which is common with treatments such as immunotherapy).¬†¬†Dermeze¬ģ Treatment Ointment¬†is also recommended for very dry skin. If you are on a Targeted Therapy that can cause severe rashes, we have a Targeted Therapy Care Pack which contains a collection of great products that may be useful.

For specific areas (such as the scalp) Coco-Scalp¬ģ¬†is¬†a specially formulated for treatment for dry, cracked and scaly skin conditions to soften and help to hold moisture, even after only a few applications.¬†Restorate Intensive Foot Balm¬†is a¬†Podiatrist designed, highly moisturising and non-greasy cream¬†formulated to reduce the build-up of tough or¬†dry skin and help treat cracked heels (and it also comes in an¬†Intensive Foot Spray¬†for hard to reach places!). Av√®ne¬†Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream acts as a¬†barrier cream to help soothe and restore damaged, dry, cracked and non-oozing atopic skin. It's good for dry patches, even on your face.¬†Our Hand & Nail Collection also has products for the hands.

StrataCTX¬ģ¬†is a gel for dry skin and cutaneous rashes which dries to form a semi-occusive dressing. It can be used for a variety of skin problems and wounds, from rashes to adhesive dressings reactions or fissures (tears) in the skin or nails. A simple antiseptic such as¬†Betadine¬ģ Antiseptic Ointment¬†is also handy to have on hand for small cuts or skin tears to prevent infection.

Radiotherapy can cause severe¬†reactions to areas of the skin. For prevention and treatment of radiation dermatitis we have¬†StrataXRT¬ģ¬†gel, which dries to form a flexible wound dressing (that can be left on) for protection and hydration. Av√®ne Thermal Spring Water Spray¬†is a refreshing spray that can give instant cool relief to irritated skin or can be used to refresh, sooth and calm sensitive skin. The all Cool Ice Towel is a¬†very refreshing cloth that turns cold immediately when you add water. This can help relieve hot, aggravated skin. All these products are included in our Radiotherapy Care Pack.

Dermeze¬ģ¬†Treatment Ointment is also often recommended as the mainstay for prevention and treatment of reactions. ¬†Just remember to always wash creams off before radiation treatment.

We also offer CE Approved & FDA registered PICC Line Shower Covers. These are Reusable Waterproof IV & PICC Line Shower Protector for Chemotherapy Treatment that keep IV & PICC Lines dry and watertight, as well as moisture protection. Recommended for Chemotherapy showering and bathing.

In our 'Scar treatments and Dressings' collection we also carry Mepitel¬ģ Film dressing, which is a standard preventative treatment in many Radiation Oncology Centres. These dressings are to be applied for the duration of your treatment. Mepilex¬ģ Lite can also be used to relieve symptoms of radiation reactions. eviQ also has some great information on radiation related skin care, click here.

Don’t forget sunscreen!! We like Mother SPF, which is a hydrating everyday all-natural barrier sunscreen with SPF 30. It is for hard-hitting sun protection without the hard-hitting nasties. 

Everybody needs hand sanitiser, especially when your immune system is under attack. Hand hygiene is one of the most important things to prevent the spread of infection. Squeakie is a pocket does the job AND makes your hands feel nice and soft without leaving a residue.

Finally if you are looking for an aluminium free deodorant, we have the Noosa Basics¬ģ¬† range, handcrafted from the finest organic ingredients.

If you need advice, please email us or speak to your treating medical team.