Chemo Care Pack for Her
Chemo Care Pack for Her
Chemo Care Pack for Him
Daisy Cow Skin
Hope Cooling Cloth
Mantul Heat Pack

The HOPE Chemo Care Pack

$189.95 AUD

The HOPE Chemo Care Pack is a great start for anyone embarking on their chemotherapy journey. This pack covers the common side effects with basic mouth care, skincare, nail care and hydration. We have a choice of Care Pack for Women or Men which have slight differences in products. 

The products included in this pack are:

    • Daisy Cow Lip Balm - As the name suggests, keeps your lips from drying out.
    • Daisy Cow Itch Balm - This is a fantastic for any dry, itchy or irritated spots of skin. 
    • Daisy Cow Body Wash 240mL Keep this in the shower to use every day.
    • Daisy Cow Hand & Body Lotion 240mL - Use this every day after showering or after radiotherapy. This is light and non-greasy but holds in the moisture. 
    • Gastrolyte® Effervescent Tablets 20 - Keep on hand for days when you are unwell and may need extra hydration. 
    • Gaviscon® Dual Action Tablets 16 - Keep on hand for relief of reflux symptoms such as indigestion or heartburn. 
    • Oral7® Moisturising Mouthwash 250mL - Use this every day to rinse your mouth and maintain good oral hygiene. 
    • Oral7® Moisturising Toothpaste 75mL - Use this every day with your Curasept Specialist Surgical Toothbrush.
    • Curasept Specialist Surgical Toothbrush
    • Squeakie Natural Hand Sanitiser - Keep this with you at all times and use it to prevent the spread of infections. 
    • Digital Thermometer -  It’s very important to have a thermometer on hand to check if you have a fever or if you’re ever not feeling well. 
    • Mother SPF30+ 120mL - Always be Sunsafe!!!
    • Hope Cooling Cloth - a very refreshing cloth that turns cold immediately when you add water. Great to use as a cold salt water compress on sore, hot or irritated skin. 
    • Mantul Heat Pack Small - Can be heated up and used for body aches or frozen and used for hot and sore skin reactions. Made in Perth with love! 
*Please note products may vary occasionally due to availability, we will always endeavour to maintain quality and purpose of the products. 
    If you have any queries or would like minor alterations to your pack, please email us.