Oral7® Moisturising Dry Mouth Gum - 12 Pack

Oral7® Moisturising Dry Mouth Gum - 12 Pack

$9.95 AUD

What is it?

The #1 Dry Mouth Gum That Treats Your Symptoms And Protects Your Teeth Better Than A Toothbrush… 

Just pop one in and the Xylitol will:

✔️ Kickstarts Saliva Production To Relieve Dry Mouth Symptoms!

✔️ Freshens Breath With A Hint of Mint!

✔️ No Sugar!

✔️ On-The-Go Relief Anytime, Anywhere!

Ready to feel the Oral7® difference that 500,000+ other happy customers enjoy?


So what is the secret?

How did Oral7® become the “No-Brainer Choice” for people suffering from dry mouth to get symptom relief?

It is all in the enzymes.

The Oral7® formula is the original, clinically-proven formula for dry mouth. It contains enzymes found naturally in healthy saliva that neutralize tooth-decaying acids and fight germs to rebalance your oral environment. The results? Immediate, long-term dry mouth symptom relief that actually works!

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