Daisy Cow Men’s Natural Soap 100g Bar

Daisy Cow Men’s Natural Soap 100g Bar

$4.00 AUD

Daisy Cow soaps are a hard lather bar.  They don't degrade into mush and generally last for 4 weeks or so, depending on regularity of use.

How to Use

We recommend using this natural soap bar each day in the shower to wash any part of your body by lathering with water. As it is natural and unscented, it is a perfect soap alternative for dry, itchy or irritated skin. 


The Daisy Cow natural soap contains filtered water, extra virgin cold pressed organic olive oil, Kiewa Valley cows milk, sodium hydroxide, essential oils. No chemicals, no parabens, no sulphates, no synthetic fragrance, no nuts, no eggs, no nasties.

Daisy Cow products are not tested on animals.

Proudly created and manufactured in regional Victoria, Australia. Daisy Cow are proud to be a certified member of the Australian made campaign. #australianmade