Curasept Specialist Surgical Toothbrush

Curasept Specialist Surgical Toothbrush

$6.99 AUD

What is it?

Curasept Specialist Surgical toothbrush for sensitive mouths post surgery, or during radio or chemo therapy.

When to Use

The Curasept Specialist Surgical toothbrush allows pain-free care of the sensitive gums following surgery or radiation therapy, or simply when no other toothbrush can be used.

More Information 

  • The brush head is narrower than standard heads. Thanks to its small size and anatomical shape, it allows access to hard to reach tooth areas and to act in a targeted manner without causing any injury.
  • Extremely soft bristles indicated for gentle and atraumatic cleaning.
  • Simply the softest toothbrush you have ever seen.
  • Available in Aqua and Pink colour options.