Sodium Bicarbonate Denta-Med™ pH Neutralising Mouthwash 250mL

Sodium Bicarbonate Denta-Med™ pH Neutralising Mouthwash 250mL

$16.99 AUD

What is it?

The Denta-Med pH Neutralising Mouthwash is a delicately flavoured, great tasting Sodium Bicarbonate mouthwash. Professionally developed by a dentist to lower high oral acid levels in the mouth. Sodium Bicarbonate is often recommended as a mouthwash to help prevent ulcers during chemotherapy.

By reducing high pH levels helps to prevent damaging enamel erosion.  Denta-Med pH Neutralising Mouthwash has a great taste, contains sodium bicarbonate (which is a well known ingredient to help lower high oral acid levels) and can be used as frequently as required.

The purpose of using Denta-Med pH Neutralising Mouthwash is to provide people at risk of high oral acid levels (by drinking sugary drinks, eating food with a naturally high pH) and also those undergoing some medical therapies whereby they may have been advised to use a sodium bi-carbonate mouthwash (usually prepared at home) however the taste is not all that appealing.  Denta-Med pH Neutralising Mouthwash provides a great tasting alternative for short term or longer term use.

    How to Use

    Before brushing teeth, rinse out the mouth with approximately 20mL of Denta-Med pH Neutralising Mouthwash. Also rinse after consuming food and drinks with high pH (acid) to protect from enamel erosion. Spit out after use. Do not swallow. Do not use if foil safety seal is missing or damaged. Safe to use as frequently as required.  Does not contain sugar. Halal friendly. Made in Australia.   

    More Information


    Aqua, Glycerin, Flavour, Methylparaben*, Sodium Bicarbonate

    * Methylparaben is a Food Grade, tasteless preservative