IMA Lupin Heat Pack - Large

IMA Lupin Heat Pack - Large

$35.99 AUD

IMA Heat Packs are filled with 100% WA grown Lupins and can be used as a hot or cold pack. Lupins hold heat longer, are lighter in weight and nearly odourless when compared to traditional wheat packs.

General Information:

IMA Heat Packs use heat and cold therapy for the treatment of injury and pain. By applying a hot heat pack to an area of concern, blood vessels are opened and more oxygen flows to the area to aid in reducing pain. By freezing the pack and using it in cold therapy, inflammation and swelling of injury can be reduced.


  • To Heat: Microwave the heat pack lying flat where possible, in increments of 1 minute at a time to desired temperature.
  • To Cool: Place in a plastic bag in a freezer for approximately 30 mins.


Large Heat Pack -  20cm x 40cm with 4 compartments.


  • Contains small parts. Supervision is advised when used for small children.
  • Those who have an allergy to Peanuts are advised to be cautious, with products containing Lupins.
  • IMA Heat packs may be gently hand washed and placed on line to dry.
  • Do Not Soak