OxyGel Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 500mL (Alcohol-Free)

OxyGel Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 500mL (Alcohol-Free)

$20.00 AUD

OxyGel - Anti Bac Hand Sanitising Gel kills germs without the need for water or alcohol.

Launched in response to the human coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing shortage of alcohol in Australia. The active ingredient in Oxygel has been used for decades and is a proven means for deactivating most germs and bugs.

This non hazardous product is ideal for home and workplace use such as mine sites, ships, workshops and transport industries (Food areas can use unscented SHP GEL). 

***This product is pending TGA testing and has delayed results due to the backlog - estimated around mid to late April.  Until we receive approval this product is ONLY recommended for home & general and industrial workplaces to Kill 99.99% of germs & bugs***