Caphosol® Mouth Wash Vials
Caphosol® Mouth Wash Vials
Caphosol® Mouth Wash Vials

Caphosol® Mouth Wash Vials

$80.00 AUD

What is it?

Caphosol® is the supersaturated calcium phosphate rinse proven to reduce the occurrence of oral mucositis. It is an “over-the-counter” product so very safe with no drug interactions. It is a supersaturated calcium phosphate and is available in ampoules or dispersible tablets.

When to Use

Caphosol® is very effective in preventing and treating Oral Mucositis in patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. 

How to Use

Caphosol® Vials: Mix 1 vial A and 1 vial B together in a cup.

It is very important to follow this rinsing process to get the full benefit from Caphosol®:

  1. Put about half the liquid into the mouth.
  2. Swish around the mouth for 1 minute (a long time it seems!). I suggest timing this on your phone.
  3. Spit out. You may swallow if your kidneys are functioning well. This will help any ulcers in the throat.
  4. Repeat until the liquid Caphosol is finished.
  5. Do not eat or drink for 15 – 30 minutes after using to allow the calcium and phosphate to work.
  6. You need to use it at least 4-10 times a day. NEVER less.
  7. At the first sign of any redness or pain in the mouth you should increase the frequency.