Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel Roll-On 60mL

Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel Roll-On 60mL

$25.95 AUD

What is it?

The Amazing Magnesium Gel Roll-On is odourless, non-oily and convenient gel roll-on. Made from the same famous organically sourced Magnesium Oil and mixed with a very small amount of organic Xanthan Gum. This creates a gel-like texture without any reduction in the Magnesium's effectiveness.

Magnesium natural relief can assist with:

  • Muscular cramps and soreness
  • Nervous tension
  • PMS symptoms
  • Supporting bone health
  • Promoting energy production
  • Restoring magnesium levels

How to use it

Apply sparingly to the affected areas and rub in. Start using this product sparingly, and build up as required. For best results, apply daily.

It is recommended to apply to the lower part of the body at night to promote relaxation and sleep.

For sensitive skin or magnesium deficiency apply to damp skin for the first week. Discontinue use if you develop any skin reaction.


Organically sourced Magnesium Chloride, Xanthan Gum (2%).


If symptoms persist, see your health professional. Check with your health professional before use if you have very low blood pressure or renal failure.