episil® Oral Liquid 10mL

episil® Oral Liquid 10mL

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What is it?

episil® oral liquid is used for the treatment of oral pain caused by oral mucositis.

Oral mucositis can be induced by radiation and chemotherapy during cancer treatment. The risk is higher with certain types of drugs prescribed for certain types of cancers. It is also much higher if you receive both radiation and chemotherapy.2-6

Product information

episil® oral liquid – for effective oral pain relief

• Rapid pain relief – within 5 minutes7
• Long-lasting effect, for up to 8 hours7
• Ready-to-use, pocket-sized device7-8
• Increases cancer patients’ quality of life8

episil® is a preservative-free oral liquid used for the relief of pain caused by lesions, sores and other inflammations in the mouth, such as oral mucositis. The mildly peppermint flavored product contains a patented mixture of lipids that in contact with saliva form a protective film that relieves pain caused by ulcers and sores in the mouth without a numbing effect. Thanks to its unique and innovative composition, episil® liquid significantly relieves oral pain within 5 minutes and for up to 8 hours, and has no known side effects.9

How to Use

episil® oral liquid is available in 10 mL bottles which provides 66 applications. The product comes in a ready-to-use, pocket-sized, pump device, and forms a protective film within 5 minutes.9   One dose of episil® liquid (1-3 applications) delivers up to 8 hours of relief from oral mucositis pain.7

When to Use

Oral pain is common during cancer therapies

Oral pain associated with inflammation of the inside lining of the mouth is often a serious side effect of cancer treatments (radiation and chemotherapy). This oral condition is called oral mucositis (OM) and causes redness, mouth ulcers and sores that can be very painful and distressing. Oral pain can make it difficult to eat, drink, and even speak, affecting patients’ quality of life and their social and emotional well-being.1

Oral mucositis affects2-6

  • • Head and neck cancer patients – up to 100%
  • • Bone marrow transplant patients – up to 100%
  • • Chemotherapy patients – up to 75%

More Information

Patient Information

episil® Oral Liquid Information Video

episil® Patient Information Sheet

episil® Oral Pain Factsheet


episil® liquid contains mainly lipids: glycerol dioleate which is a metabolite of fats in the diet and phospholipid (soy lecithin). Other ingredients: Ethanol, Propylene glycol, Polysorbate 80 and Peppermint oil.


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