The HOPE Pelvic Radiation Care Pack

The HOPE Pelvic Radiation Care Pack

$104.95 AUD

The HOPE Pelvic Radiation Care Pack - Pelvic Radiation Therapy can have a big impact on how you feel, how your body functions and on your pelvic and sexual health. Here are just some of our products, and together with appropriate exercises and advice, may reduce the impact of treatment on your pelvic health.

Pelvic Radiation can effect both bowel and bladder function. International Clinical Practice Guidelines suggests that probiotics containing Lactobacillus species be used to prevent diarrhoea in patients receiving radiation therapy for a pelvic malignancy. Herbs of Gold™ Probiotic 55 Billion is high in several Lactobacillus species. Ural® Effervescent Powder may also be used to treat symptoms of pain or burning on urination.

Vaginal moisturisers and lubricants are also important and helpful for everyday comfort as well as being helpful with vaginal dilator use and sexual intercourse. pjur®med REPAIR glide is a water-based intimate personal lubricant with regenerative hyaluronic for dry and stressed vaginal mucosa. Olive & Bee Intimate Cream is a multi-purpose product made from all-natural ingredients - the perfect blend of olive oil and beeswax. It can be used as a moisturiser, personal lubricant and it even makes a great massage oil!

This pack contains:

  • Ural® Effervescent Powder - 28 x 4g Sachets - is a urinary alkaliniser, which works by raising the pH of urine. Bacterial infections of the bladder can make your urine more acidic than normal – which causes the painful and burning sensations you get when passing urine. Ural® Effervescent Powder makes the urine less acidic which provides effective relief from the pain of cystitis.

  • Herbs of Gold™ Probiotic 55 Billion - 30 Capsules - is a high-strength, broad spectrum combination of 11 different probiotics sourced from scientifically studied Danisco® strains to help maintain balanced intestinal flora and healthy digestive function.

    • Broad spectrum probiotic with 11 strains
    • Bowel regularity
    • Mild digestive symptoms

        When to Use

        • Probiotic 55 Billion contains 11 room-stable probiotic strains that help to maintain a healthy composition of the intestinal flora.
        • Probiotic 55 Billion helps to re-establish friendly intestinal flora and inhibit the growth of unwanted intestinal flora to help maintain balanced, healthy intestinal flora.
        • Probiotic 55 Billion helps to balance the digestive system and supports healthy digestive function.
        • Probiotic 55 Billion helps to relieve digestive complaints such as regurgitation, abdominal pain, nausea, gurgling, constipation, irregular bowels and flatulence in healthy individuals.
        • Probiotic 55 Billion supports bowel regularity and bowel health, helping to relieve constipation and reduce the occurrence of constipation.
        • Probiotic 55 Billion supports and maintains normal healthy immune system function and wellbeing.
      • Olive & Bee Intimate Cream 55mL - This wonderful multi-purpose product is made from all-natural ingredients. It can be used as a moisturiser, personal lubricant and it even makes a great massage oil!

      • The perfect blend of olive oil and beeswax.

        Why an Intimate Cream?

        We have decided to use the term “Intimate Cream” as opposed to “Personal Lubricant”. Firstly, this has less of a sexual connotation, and we feel it makes the purchase easier. Secondly, this product has multiple uses apart from intercourse! Women can experience vaginal dryness or itching from several causes, such as menopause, breastfeeding, and skin issues.

        This product is safe to use as a vaginal moisturiser, or for moisturising of sensitive mucosal tissues such as a protruding prolapse. It may be used to help insert a pessary, dilator or even a suppository. In fact it can be used anywhere on the body – we use it as a body moisturiser and heel cream!


        • Personal lubricant for intercourse
        • Intimate Cream for sensitive vulval, vaginal and anal tissues
        • Massage oil
        • Body and face moisturiser
        • Lip balm
        • Heel balm
      • pjur®med REPAIR glide Intimate Personal Lubricant 100mL - is a water-based intimate personal lubricant with regenerative hyaluron for dry and stressed vaginal mucosa.

        • Contains hyaluron which is amazing for regeneration and moisture
        • Soft, long-lasting lubrication

          Hyaluron has the ability to bind large amounts of water and to provide better than average lubrication. Hyaluron enables optimal regeneration of the skin. pjur med Repair glide utilises the regenerating and moisturising properties of hyaluron to reduce dry and stressed skin in the genital area. This water-based personal lubricant enriched with hyaluron helps reduce vaginal dryness by compensating for the moisture demands of the vaginal mucosa.


      **Please note products may vary occasionally due to availability, we will always endeavour to maintain quality and purpose of the products.

        If you have any queries or would like minor alterations to your pack, please email us.

        Remember to always get advice from your treating medical team.