The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack
The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack
The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack
The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack
The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack
The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack
The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack

The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack

$44.95 AUD

The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack has been put together to provide you with some key products that will effectively help protect you against this Global Pandemic. We’re sure you’re all well aware of Covid-19, and maybe sick of hearing about it, but If you would like any general information, we recommend sticking to reputable and reliable sources, such as the Department of Health  or the World Health Organisation.


The HOPE Covid-19 Care Pack includes:

2 x N95 Respirator Masks in an hygienically-sealed packet.

N95 specified masks provide the strongest protection against virus particles, bacteria, dust and pollen. Many other mask types provide little or no protection against virus particles.

Material: non-woven / electrostatic filter cotton.

1) Easy breathing Upgrade electrostatic filter cotton for comfortable and breathable performance

2) Cool breathing Cold flow breathing valve, breathing refreshing

3) Wear no burden New upgraded knit band, comfortable and skin friendly

 CE Certificate

mundicare® Cold Defence Nasal Spray

Most cold medicines only treat the symptoms; however, mundicare® Cold Defence Nasal Spray attacks a cold at its source and eliminates cold viruses from the nasal lining. When used at the first signs of a cold, it’s clinically proven to stop colds up to 2 days early!1-3 It’s also preservative & steroid free and can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and kids from 12 months.

It’s powered by Carragelose™ – a natural ingredient sourced from red seaweed. Carragelose™ forms a barrier in the nasal passage that traps cold viruses, helping to reduce their multiplication and spread, allowing your body’s natural defences to sweep the viruses away from the nasal lining. So the next time you or your child catches a cold, remember to use mundicare® Cold Defence at the first signs and help stop your cold early.

Argyll Street Pharmacy ASP Hand Sanitiser Gel 100mL - NATURAL LEMON SCENT


How to Use

Apply sufficient amount of gel to palm. Spread and rub over the back of your hands & finger tips. Allow hands to air dry.


For External Use Only. Do not swallow. Avoid eyes. If irritation occurs, wash affected area and discontinue use. Do not use on inflamed, broken or sensitive skin. Store below 25 C. Flammable Liquid.